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On Why I Speak English So Well

What’s up?

These past few days I find myself thinking a lot about language. My first language, growing up, I think, mom please correct me if I’m wrong, was Hindi. But now my first language is English, which is, mom please correct me if I’m wrong, because I went to an English-Medium school.

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Birthday Musings on Death

On the occasion of my 29th birthday (16th October), I had the opportunity to think deeply about the question of death and dying. Which is the done thing nowadays I believe. Be cool like that. Ponder death on birthdays. Ponder poverty on pay day. Ponder sickness while healthy. So just being cool here. NBD.

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How India’s Unusual Nationalism Might Save the Planet

First, there were humans on earth. We organized into tribes and clans and fought with nature over resources. Then some tribes realized some other tribes were also in the neighbourhood so they fought those tribes over said natural resources. Then some of them realized they might as well inter-marry, share skills and tools, and conquer nature together.

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A Letter to Arundhati Roy

Dear Arundhati,

I couldn’t get through your first book because I was too young when I picked it up and your English was too you. They don’t teach that kind of grammar even in English-medium schools. They didn’t even tell me ‘English-Medium’ meant that the medium of instruction was English. For many years I harboured a deep, unspoken irritation that my parents didn’t bother to send me to an English-Large or English-Extra Large school. Why Medium? Is there is a test I can take? I will take it, I swear. I will ACE it. Just let me.

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To: Friends of the Castiko Space

4th June, 2019

Dear friend,

By now, you may already have heard that Castiko is moving out of our beautiful home at 121, Aram Nagar 2. If you haven’t, please consider this as us letting you know. We’re moving out. It’s the end of a brilliant, iridescent chapter in our lives. I hope the Space meant as much to you as it did to the people who made it come alive.

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Ode to Mumbai – 2 – मुंबई के दीवाने

सुन सुन के तेरी महफ़िलों के फ़साने
आ गए दीवाने, साहिल को पाने!
किस्मतों की दलीलें धुएं में उड़ाने
फिर आज़माने ये रास्ते पुराने!

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The Good, the Bad and the Sholay – 2015


The Good, the Bad and the Sholay‘s Kalaa Utsavam run just ended two days ago. I wrote the play at an emotionally tumultuous time in college, when very little was making sense and I was still grappling with what I want to do with myself. Writing was cathartic and rewarding, and it became my refuge.

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Reading Godfrey Reggio’s Interview about his film “Visitors”

Here’s the link: http://www.filmcomment.com/blog/interview-godfrey-reggio/

I haven’t watched the film yet, so this is quite a difficult read.

Some memorable quotes:

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सुनो सुनो सुनो ! आज कुछ खरा सुनाता हूँ !

Me reading this aloud:

सुनो सुनो सुनो !
आज कुछ खरा सुनाता हूँ !

कहानी ये बिलकुल सच्ची है
और सुनने में भी अच्छी है
तो कान खोलना मुफ़्त मानो,
और ध्यान इस बात पे बांधो –

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