Second to Third Age, Will

From a few centimeters to a few inches
From a foot to a metre
From a sip to a gulp
From a nibble to a bite
From a laugh to several smiles
From Lion King and Peter Pan
To We The People:an attention span.

From craving a beard
To hating having one;
From waiting on Santa Claus
To knowing there is none.

From being happy at home, and nowhere else
To developing a taste for exploration;
From humbly doing what is required
To blinding consuming ambition

From loving to have friends,
To having to love friends.
From wanting to keep friends
To wanting to collect friends.

From hearing stories to knowing them all
From tiffs, to brawls.
From scratches and burns, to injuries and bruises
From a world of clarity to one that confuses.
From ABC to SAT
From 123 to infinity.
From impulse instinct to an extended plan.
From a big boy to just a man.


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