On Her Behalf

She was entangled in the world’s affairs
Precious drops of life dripping off her hair
Her lovely black mane irrevocably replaced
By a baroque bandana; cheerfully abased.

Her lovely lush cheeks turning paler each day
As she gracefully withered, with nothing to say
To the many bewildered wondering what they’d done
To have earned a life after she’d have gone.

Perhaps they realized it was better this way:
To go while your loved ones are around. Gray
Days and yellow nights: aggrieved, grave
Warm only by the red they gave.

To them, light seemed brighter now
Dull colors: enthused, vibrant somehow;
With her, they see their own lives pass
Inconspicuously away. Just, too fast.

They wish they lived the moments they’d had;
Wish they felt happier, more acutely sad;
Wish their memory was sharper to
Have held some brilliant, eternal hues.

So now once in a while, they exit the mundane
To be pierced by cool, golden arrows of rain.
To borrow the blue of a murky sea

Or adore morning grass for its godly green.

To feel the sharp spark of their lover’s stroke
To drown in a room full of unreasonable hope
To float helpless in that languorous melody
To drift far from the drab! Finally free!

To stop and sip a beautiful laugh,
To live a little more, on her behalf.


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