Koi Fariyaad is dil main hai
Baithi hai sikud ke … naadaan, khafaa…
Gehri Saanson ke aakhri pal main,
Uski maujoodgi ka ehsaas hai.

Koi fariyaad is dil main hai
Chhupi hai seenay main… gumsum,chup-chaap…
Lot-ti sookhe aansuon-si chehre pe,
Us gudgudi main uski aahat hai.

Par in adaaon se fariyaad ne kya paaya?
Chhupne se mukaam bhi haasil nahi!
Jab dil main hai aur toofaan kayee,
Toh itraane ka ilm bhi kaafi nahi!


One thought on “Chuppi

  1. The thorough anglicized dissection may have cost you some creativity, but it has enabled me to come up with — “Irshaad, Irshaad”

    Very well poised! Lukin fwd to more of stuff along the same ilk.

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