The Song of a Bird

It was tiring to sit all day
Resting my wings by my side.
And not be out there, up and above
Soaring to the top to glide
Back down on the cool wind.
To feel it in my feathers, tickle me
Reach out to the farthest land
And fly across just to flee
Sitting around staring at nothing
Perched far below than I’d like
Claws are tired of this tree
Each familiar bump and spike.
Bluer skies and greener fields
Yellow sun and golden sands
Over the clouds and the open seas
Farther out than neverland.
Can I go spread my wings afar?
Won’t you stay alone awhile?
I’ll come back when my eyes are full
With the blue of the distant sky.
No she says, you stay right here
These eggs are yours to keep
No she says, you cannot go
Those seas are way too deep!
No she says, it’s better here
Cages are safer than flight.
No she says, look, the view
Is grander from this height.
No she says, what do you know?
The birds there are a wicked lot
No she says, you’re too naive
Don’t you love us anymore?
But I do! I do! That is why I
Want to travel far and return
And then I’ll tell you where I was
My tales will wing you again!
No, she says one last time
How can you bear to argue?
No, she says, think wisely!
You’ll be old enough quite soon.
But I love her; and much too much
I cannot go against her will
If she keeps me near for her to pet
I can do nothing but give in.
My wings feel glued now, as I sit atop
This mountain that is already mine,
Unable to leave, unable to stay,
Just perched high enough, biding my time.


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