As the cool breeze gently caresses my skin,
and the moon slowly douses itself
in yellow brilliance,
and as the sweeper in green overalls
brushes the dead leaves aside,
A chapter comes to an end.

Cruel fate isn’t so bad after all
I had a good time,yet,
am left with a tiny, warm shimmer
Of hope:that which is to come,
Is undeniably exciting.

I am waiting.

To see how events unravel themselves from the crumpled folds
Of the white satin sheets
of the near future.

At the same time,
One hopes that we remember,
using the singularly collective memory
Of friendship-
love, care,
Beyond repair;or so they seemed.

A beautiful chapter comes to an end.

Time now is not for requiem, but celebration,
Of the guilty enjoyment, and the sad separation
That this journey so lovingly gifted to us,
complete with a purple wrapper
and a silk red-ribbon bow.On top.

So let the breeze blow beneath my feet,
and sweep them clean off
with joy!
At what has been!

Moonset and sunrise and just,

two beautiul things.
Incomplete alone.
I am coming home.


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