The Reason

I loved you with all my heart for a long time,

You felt like flying, like the moon was really near,

I thought playing with your hand would teach me

Everything I needed to know about the world, my dear.


In every breathing moment, I thought of you;

Your smile, your tears – you were starlight’s envy!

And when you laughed, I just looked in awe

I never could do it as effortlessly!


And when I touched your lips, the first time,

I rode the moonlight to its source…

Your eyes were closed, love, you didn’t see us

Speeding through space when I pulled you close.


Then when your melody was echoing in my bones,

I started to look for the lyrics of our song.


The words seemed to come from afar, they

Sounded faint, and vague. I strained to hear!

I glowed by you, but lesser with each phrase;

You couldn’t hear me either, could you, my dear?


To me words are far mightier than a tune

So as our song dragged on and on,

The words you sang were meaningless, dear

Your lips’ allure was all but gone…


I thought, maybe I’m wrong, the melody is still rich!

So I tried dancing to your beat, sans words, sans rhyme;

But your distant words wouldn’t stop, my dear…

You kept pushing me away with each inane line.


And you wouldn’t stop, the jarring chords

Spewing the mundane with each new verse

Hands on my ears, block out the noise!

But the cacophony kept getting worse!


Nothing to it, I thought, just walk away.

Before you’re reminded of our melody again.

The tune was never a problem, dear.

It’s just the lyrics that caused the pain; were the pain.


So I’m sorry if I played you, used you, hummed along,

Call me the devil, suit yourself, my dear.

I’ve felt you somewhere no one else has been

But you walked out of there yourself, my dear.


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