The Other World

So she was sitting there, inside the room, behind the glass wall, and my, was she a vision. I carried on my conversation, but every now and then, she’d swing back into the periphery of my vision and I’d be stunned. She was perfect.

“So the other guy in my project report group is a genius, ok, and his – “

Eyes were grey. Slight green tinge to them too I think. Or were they green, but looked grey because of the glass between us?

“So his ideas are really tough to keep up with and most of the time – “

She just sat listening to the people around her, but every once in a while some guy would make her laugh or smile: her lips would part to reveal the most glorious set of teeth, all betraying that sense of unself-conscious sureness in faultlessness.

She had slowly shifted from the periphery of my sight to the absolute centre. My nose was pointing right at her now, all my being focussed entirely on her presence in that room beyond the glass wall.

“Dude your partner would simply be working harder than you. Maybe you just have to put in more time…”

“No man, he’s really way ahead of us, he has these discussions with the professor, and all I can do is just and stare – “

Because by now the part of my brain that is normally supposed to be commandeering body movements is in a state of suspension from reality. I’m in a world that I can’t be a part of, by the sheer virtue of my inadequacy. This lady was mistakenly put here, I think. She must be the ruler of that world.

“Anyway, how’s the computing assignment coming along?”


“Computing assignment… it’s due tomorrow…”

“Oh shit! I still have a bit to go! You’ve finished?”

“Yeah, last question is a bitch, just so you know.”

“Ok, Ok, let’s go, come – help me out. I’ve got two questions still left.”

“Where are you studying?”

“Study room.”


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