The Dreamers

The Dreamers

For the creation of dreams,
Sleeping is not necessary.
What is essential however,
Is the belief that they can be,
And can be contained within the porous confines of reality.

The Dream-Maker floats in
and is swept by
Like a fallen leaf that would have decayed into nothingness
But for the river it now rides.

Imagine, on the other hand
The sheer terror,
The agony,
That, the Dream-Maker feels
When he imagines the Dream-Watcher’s critical, furrowed gaze
Upon his creation.

The Dream-Watcher’s great power lies
In the ability to shatter the truest of spells
And return to that illusion we call Every Other Day.

Thus, the Dream-Maker always fears the Dream-Watcher.
Because dreams are fickle – they easily slip;
Leaving behind a colourless insipidity.
The fear of blandness
Fuels the dreamers’ fervour.

The Dream-Maker and the Dream-Watcher
Together form a community
That I like to call
The Dreamers.

Dreamers are always wide awake.
In their world, the world of dreams
Nothing else matters, but a pure,
Unhindered perception of the now.


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