Hurtling across the sky, the engines roar
But all I can see is the blinker
Flashing on the right wing,
Imposing a red roundness
On an otherwise shapeless white cloud.

I have a choice.
Do I –
Tilt up, and zoom outwards?
Are the sprawling heavens meant
To help me evade
The very questions they provoked?
Is it worthwhile to steer this flight
Into a blaze of unending starlight?

Do I –
Nose dive? To the
Magnificent ant kingdom, that we
Carved out of dust, replete
With mirrors, blinding
Neon signs that point
The other way?

I was just about to decide, when
The seatbelt sign was switched on
By the well-spoken gentleman
In the gated cockpit.
A soothing voice poured into the cramped cabin
Requesting, politely,
That I fasten my seatbelt.
Informing, reassuringly,
That we had begun our descent.


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