Once There Was a Praful

Once there was a Praful

Who wanted to be successful

And because his name was rhyme

He felt his chance was good.

So he peering into his soul

And writing down his goal

And writing also a set timeline

To success as fast as he could.

And Praful began to working hard

He printed in glossy his name card

He got proper good job and everything

With corporate vision to getting ahead.

In, maybe just one, max two years only

Praful did quite handsomely (even though he say so myself)

But inside he did not have a good feeling

So he updated his goal instead.

Now this time he became very good looking

And eligibly went out for looking

For a suitably excellent bride

To meet his new romance aims.

In no time Praful got opportunity

He got sweet wife, chweet kids – nice family.

But he still was unable to simply brush aside

The sensation that something remains.

He now was wanting some fame

He want that history should remember his name

So he made a big Honorable Praful Trust

And did lot of charity for society

Again Praful was a big hit

He was getting closer bit by bit

But he feeling as if he must

Keep moving for sake of (you know) propriety.

Now Praful was getting a bit aged.

And the contentment he had envisaged

Was still appearing very distant

He was now spotting a flaw in his plan.

First Praful used to write down a goal

Then pursue it with whole heart, whole soul,

But his discontentment was constant

And now he was already an old man.

What Praful was only too late realizing

Is that although he was, constantly,rising (even though he say so myself)

Right from start line, when he was little Praful boy,

He had simply wrongly misunderstood.

Every goal, he had made his master

And went after it faster and faster

And he – not even oncehe stopped to enjoy

To at least, you know, feel good.

Now Praful was too old, and got it too late

But, eh – Hello! At least you can learn from his mistake?

If you know happiness is just simply a mind-state

Then use your mind and apply the brake!


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