New Blog Post Type – Essays

It’s been a long time coming. For the last, like, five minutes or so, I’ve been mulling over the fact that I should start writing essays that change the world. So I thought, enough dwelling on possibilities – let’s actually do it.

My claim to authority – I’m a nice person, and I listen carefully. I remember, and I process, and I often deliberately put my own opinions at a disadvantage to test them against others’. So, all I can tell you is I’m not a complete dumbass, and there might be times I make a sensible point or two. So don’t act all surprised then. Apart from that, there is a sea of confusion, and a repeatedly drowning and resurfacing mind. Can’t even promise it’ll be fun, baap re, what a marketing nightmare.

But that’s what blogs are (free) for.

I’m looking forward to starting conversations about things I care about. I’d love it if you come add to my confusion – never enough of that in my life. Come, contradict me, I say!

Here we go – essays.


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