Baniyaan – An Original Song.

Hello doston,

Here’s a new dance song about vests. Not joking.

I absolutely love Anwar Masood saab’s poems, even if I don’t always understand them 100%.

This is my dedication to him – thank you for making such beautiful poetry. This is what rap from the subcontinent should be like – simple, insightful, human truths, with an effervescent humour.

You are my inspiration, sir! I hope this finds it’s way to him somehow, and he doesn’t immediately hate me. 🙂 I’ve tried my best.

Will make a video at some point as well.

For now, enjoy, Baniyan, by Anwar Masood.

Rap lyrics by Anwar Masood. Chorus by Shiv Tandan.

Special thanks: Maanavi Panwar, Sukrit Singh Raghuvanshi, Mohit Surana – for being my consultants and listening to this so many times. Also, thank you Clarilyn Khoo! 😀


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