Aaj Sab Theek Hai – New Song About Blaming it on the Ooparwaala

Here’s a little song I wrote,
You might want to sing it note for note,
Don’t worry,
And blame it on,
The ooparwaala.


Mandir ho ya Masjid,
Church ya gurudwara,
Ya phir sheesh mahal mein baitha
Dashing boss tumhaara
Ooparwaala hai har kaheen
Aasmaan woh, hum zameen.
Toh baadal kaheen bhi chhaayein
Baarish humi pe girti hai
Kyonki aakhir mein toh bas
Ooparwaale ki chalti hai!

Aaj sab theek hai
Shukar ooparwaale ka!
Kal jo bigad gaya toh
Galti bhi ooparwaale ki!

Jiya jo pal pal zindagi ki
Saari rasmein nibhaayi,
Time pe padhaai, davaai,
Lugaai aur duhaai.
Ooparwaala sadistic hai,
Kucch aisi duniya banaayi
Ke har ek jeete pal pe daali
Kabr ki hai parchhaai.

English Translation

Whether it’s in a temple, a mosque,
A church or a gurudwara,
Or, sitting in a beautiful house of glass,
It’s your dashing boss,
The “ooparwaala” is everywhere
They are the sky, and we are the dust
So nomatter where the clouds end up
We will have to bear the rain
Because nomatter what, eventually,
“Ooparwaala” gets his way.

Today if everything is fine,
Thank the “ooparwaala”!
An if tomorrow everything goes wrong,
It’s also the fault of “ooparwaala”!

As I lived the moments of my life,
I followed all the unspoken rules,
I studied, kept my health,
Married and mourned, all at the right times.
But this “ooparwaala” is sadistic,
He’s put us in such a world –
That every living moment is darkened
By the shadow of the grave.


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