A Tribe of Sedative-Ecstatic Savages

We’re citizens of a tribe of sedative-ecstatic savages, in

Kingdoms of filth and infrastructural amenities, with

Gold-crusted grins of sharp shocking jaws

Anaesthetized, impervious, black punctured eyeballs.

The leprechauns drool and crawl in ivory doom

They thirst for puke at two, at three, at four, their

Eyes aglow with gleaming rust and sweat, in

Chains of blaring light and friendly face.

We’re aspirin-buzzed citizens of vodka-crazed majesty

With ravaging desperate naked dreams of blood

We’re dumbbell brained champions whose discipline-syringes

Shoot curated comforting tongues of toxic gas.

We the citizens, pledge ourselves to, as one blighted people,

Regardless of rage, time or reason,

Mouths imprisoned by aluminum granola bars

Bodies voluntarily cut, quartered, carted,

Lying entombed without a word in stacked cement.


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