On Why I Speak English So Well

These past few days I find myself thinking a lot about language. My first language, growing up, I think, mom please correct me if I’m wrong, was Hindi. But now my first language is English, which is, mom please correct me if I’m wrong, because I went to an English-Medium school.

Birthday Musings on Death

On the occasion of my 29th birthday (16th October), I had the opportunity to think deeply about the question of death and dying. Which is the done thing nowadays I believe. Be cool like that. Ponder death on birthdays. Ponder poverty on pay day. Ponder sickness while healthy. So just being cool here. NBD.

How India’s Unusual Nationalism Might Save the Planet

First, there were humans on earth. We organized into tribes and clans and fought with nature over resources. Then some tribes realized some other tribes were also in the neighbourhood so they fought those tribes over said natural resources. Then some of them realized they might as well inter-marry, share skills and tools, and conquerContinue reading “How India’s Unusual Nationalism Might Save the Planet”

A Letter to Arundhati Roy

Dear Arundhati, I couldn’t get through your first book because I was too young when I picked it up and your English was too you. They don’t teach that kind of grammar even in English-medium schools. They didn’t even tell me ‘English-Medium’ meant that the medium of instruction was English. For many years I harbouredContinue reading “A Letter to Arundhati Roy”

To: Friends of the Castiko Space

4th June, 2019 Dear friend, By now, you may already have heard that Castiko is moving out of our beautiful home at 121, Aram Nagar 2. If you haven’t, please consider this as us letting you know. We’re moving out. It’s the end of a brilliant, iridescent chapter in our lives. I hope the SpaceContinue reading “To: Friends of the Castiko Space”

In Response to the Empire Debate

I wrote this article in response to the above “Empire Debate”, and it originally appeared on NewsYaps.com You may wish to watch the debate first, but it’s not essential. (In fact, it could be even more fun to read first and then watch the video.) The motion they were debating was: “This house believes that the IndianContinue reading “In Response to the Empire Debate”

Patterns: Smallness

Hey friends, those who actually read my blog (thanks!) – I’m starting this new post type to more…accurately represent how I think. But I need your help. I think I’m not alone in this tendency – my mind naturally frantically tries to find echoes of a new idea in all its various corners. It’s asContinue reading “Patterns: Smallness”

Happy New Year was So Bad, I Wrote A Review For It

OK! Ok, stop screaming! I know it’s my fault – I shouldn’t even have watched it! And I actually paid for that – I actually paid hard earned money to the people who made that movie. Is it my fault then? Oh no! I’m… I wasn’t…trying to encourage… Oh no. Ok very quickly, I’ll tryContinue reading “Happy New Year was So Bad, I Wrote A Review For It”

We Live In An Extremist World, and We Too Are Extremists

Prologue In the face of great strife and calamity, I have the tendency to look deep within me and find something basic, something elementary, something deep in my fibre that is wrong. And that wrong within me is what I blame for what is wrong with the world – because that simple assumption, logically universallyContinue reading “We Live In An Extremist World, and We Too Are Extremists”

Saala Idealist Kahin Ka [What a Bloody Idealist]

I inhabit the same, shitty world. I live here, shoulder to shoulder with you, watching terrible things happen on television. I watch gruesome videos play automatically on my Facebook feed just like you, helpless in morbid curiosity. I live in the fears, the terrors, the struggles of the everyday just like you. I too look in theContinue reading “Saala Idealist Kahin Ka [What a Bloody Idealist]”

Taking Money Out of the Equation

(I’m currently reading Michael Sandel’s “What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets”. I highly recommend that book to you – it is really helping me see the patterns by which the ethics of economics are eroding and ‘crowding out’ non-market ways of thinking and living.) Here’s a quick anecdote to tell you where I’mContinue reading “Taking Money Out of the Equation”

Who I Would Vote For: Language Matters

The elections are taking over my mind. I’m thinking about who is voting for who and why, and who said what about who and where is the next big scandal coming from. It’s tiring, because some of us are also trying to hold down other lives, other jobs… (Which sometimes makes me feel slightly guilty,Continue reading “Who I Would Vote For: Language Matters”