Orange Man with Dick Out

I went up to the top of the highest mountain There was a man there, they had told me. A man with shadowy eyes and long, flowing white hair A man who could turn invisible at will A man whose orange skin was so bright It could blind you even before you could open yourContinue reading “Orange Man with Dick Out”

Docked at Lanky Bay

She was docked for a while in my cove of love And again and again I confessed it But my arms were too thin, and she thought my chest Was repulsively soft when she pressed it. It was funny at first, but I quickly saw I would have to endeavour to work it – IfContinue reading “Docked at Lanky Bay”

I Don’t Want to Talk To Mukesh

You say I have to watch it. There was a time, many years ago, When my mom used to caution me against bad company. Don’t associate with bad kids, she said, They’ll rub off on you, And soon, You won’t be able to tell right from wrong. And so I didn’t – I spent theContinue reading “I Don’t Want to Talk To Mukesh”

A Rhyme About Nothing

An ode to the free, Here’s a rhyming tree Of lines that make no sense at all! Why’re you reading this at all? My lines are mundane Ain’t using my brain! But fantasizing about you now You’re reading nonsense! Ee Hawn ACK ChoW! Still in this vein, It’s just a game! Can’t stop writing can’tContinue reading “A Rhyme About Nothing”

Dear Stacy

The first time I saw the red black dragon’s flare Peeking over your tight T-shirt’s neckline, I thought if this wasn’t the first time we had met, I could have said something sexy. Instead I settled for – you have a tattoo. Your shoulder blades stiffened, the dragon blushed You turned to face me now,Continue reading “Dear Stacy”