A Sense of Social Conduct

I’m a genuinely congenial fellow usually. I don’t generally allow myself to whip anyone with a flyswatter on more than two occasions a week (although I admit I did whip one particular lady seventeen times in a one week, as she was irritating me with her determination to be seen by normal people). So youContinue reading “A Sense of Social Conduct”

Memories and Mysteries

Hello. My name is Shailesh Kunder. I live in a small town in Uttar Pradesh named Saharanpur. My life has been very uneventful, I am sixty now, with not many stories to tell my grandchildren. But whatever I tell them is completely true, and I tell them with all my energy. I do have oneContinue reading “Memories and Mysteries”

The Rest

Two women, in salwar kameez, sit glistening under a white incandescent, hazy light. A pool of light in calm blue water next to them is disturbed only by the shrieking laughter of the two small girls in cute green and brown striped swimsuits. The two girls, in green and brown striped swimsuits, swim excitedly underContinue reading “The Rest”

Little Girl and her Grandma

I think I want to write a story. A story of a beautiful girl who would walk through meadows on cool breezy summer afternoons with her cane hat and springy dress, the dress has flowers on it – lilies, white and pink and orange. It is frock actually. She’s holding a basket in her rightContinue reading “Little Girl and her Grandma”

Good Friends and Soulmates

It was a weird day, you know? One of those weird days that make you wonder, like what the fuck dude. I mean, you can sometimes have a day when you just stare into oblivion and shake your head condescendingly at nothingness; I had one of those days. It is strange too that it startedContinue reading “Good Friends and Soulmates”

Galat fehmi – Naatak

स्कूल मैं हम दोनों एक दुसरे से कभी बात नहीं करते थे. आते जाते कभी कभी आँखें मिल जाती थी, और वो ऐसे देखती थी जैसे मैं कोई सांप हूँ. वैसे डस्ती तो वो थी आँखों से – क्या आँखें बनाती थी by god मन करता था वहीं जाके एक लगा दूं…  क्या आँखें बनाती थी. क्या आँखें थी…Continue reading “Galat fehmi – Naatak”

Engaged to be Married

“I’m engaged to be married, Pratik.” Pratik stood there, 3 years her boyfriend, best friend, only friend, confidante, partner in crime, and gaped at the nerve she had. She looked calm and unaffected, as she just sat with her legs bent under her tidily. She had a book in her hand; he could see thatContinue reading “Engaged to be Married”

90 Degrees

“So, what is the status, Captain?” Commander looked quite awesome in the true sense of the word, like awe-striking awesome. Not the usual nice, handsome, respect-demanding, but truly awesome. He had a long beard which he preferred to streak with vertical whites, making it look much like jail clothes. He had many piercings on hisContinue reading “90 Degrees”


Hate She looked him over carefully. His knees were scathed again, bleeding in parts, just peeled terribly in others. She had cried in the morning, seeing him go again. She knew he didn’t want to. But he loved her, she knew that too. She understood why he went. If he didn’t, the bastards would takeContinue reading “Hate”


The thing that always astounded me most about those two was that they seemed the ideal pair. As enemies. Nothing in common at all, not a single class, not a single CCA session, not a performing group (though they both danced), not a character trait, not an ethical principle, nothing. When they first met, itContinue reading “Conflagration”

Have a good life

She could not believe it. It simply did not happen. The guy had been nice enough. They were both queueing at different counters, standing next to each other. His queue was taking to long, the man at the cashier was busy arguing. “Murphy’s Law”, he grumbled under his breath. She heard him, and started giggling.Continue reading “Have a good life”

The Real Battle of Stalingrad

21st August, 1942 Leo Chekovski hated the bum. And this one more than any other he had ever seen. Every morning, as Leo made his way to school, the bum was sitting on the same bench, only the top of his tattered grey hat visible from over the newspaper he would be reading. Leo imaginedContinue reading “The Real Battle of Stalingrad”